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Clutch - Fitting & Replacement

Clutch - Repair & Replacement

Tel: 07754 714614

Clutch Repair & Replacement In Stirling & Falkirk.

FK-AutoTech offer state of the art mobile clutch repair or replacement services - at your door.

Thankfully, unlike timing belts, if your clutch fails it doesn't result in any internal damage. It just means you're not going anywhere until you get it replaced.

On Rear Wheel Drive Cars

This type of clutch repair is usually the easiest to undertake. It's a simple case of raising the car, undoing any retaining bolts holding the prop shaft in place, followed by the gearbox mounting bolts, you should then have plenty of access to the clutch and flywheel.

On Front Wheel Drive Cars

Although the principles are the same, it is a little trickier to gain reasonable access to the clutch and flywheel on front wheel drive vehicles.

With the wheel off, the driveshaft must be removed from the bell housing. This normally means removing the lower suspension arm as well as any bushes, tie rods or ball joints which may hinder access.

Once you have a clear path to the gearbox via the inner wheel well, you can then undo any retaining bolts. The gearbox should then slip out revealing the clutch and flywheel.

Professional Mobile Service

Regardless of which vehicle you drive, this service always requires removal of the gearbox which then offers a good opportunity to check your inner seals and bearings for wear or damage.

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