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Brakes - Fitting & Replacement In Stirling & Falkirk

Brakes - Fitting & Replacement

Tel: 07754 714614

We Check, Inspect & Replace All Types Of Braking Systems In Stirling & Falkirk.

Safety first! FK-AutoTech offer state of the art mobile brakes inspection & replacement services - at your door, so there's no need to move your vehicle if you have issues stopping.

When it comes to brakes, you can never be too careful. Ensure you, your passangers and other road users are safe by having your brakes checked regularly by an expert.


Professional Mobile Brake Fitting Service

  • Free Brake Safety Check
  • Calipers & Lines
  • Drums & Shoes
  • Pads & Disks
  • Handbrake Adjustment


Issues With Braking

Problems with your brakes can show in a few different ways. Luckily, there's only so much that can go wrong with your braking system so problems are usually easy to diagnose and fix.

These include...

  • Worns Pads Or Shoes
  • Cracked Or Warped Disks
  • Corroded Brake Pipes
  • Faulty Master Cylinder
  • Handbrake - Snapped Or Ceased

The symptoms...

  • Soft Braking
  • Car Pulling To One Side
  • Vibration When Braking
  • Brake Pedal Travel Too Low
  • Rear Wheels Locking
  • Brakes Disappear


No Brakes?

If you're travelling in your car and suddenly find you have no brakes, your master cyclinder has probably just failed. Immediately pump the pedal and get into second gear to utilise engine braking.

Luckily, they don't usually fail outright. Pumping the brake pedal should quickly raise pressure in the system which should bring you to a safe stop. If this happens once, it will happen again.

Do not drive a vehicle with this issue until you have your braking system checked by an expert technician.


Safety First

Your brakes are a critical part of your driving experience for obvious reasons, so whether pads & disks or shoes & drums, our Fast-Fit* mobile fitting service makes sure your brakes are in optimal condition at all times, so you can stop when you need to most.

Feel free to contact us for all your braking requirements. Tel: 07754 714614

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Free Car Safety Check

  • Free Tyre Safety Check
  • Free Brakes Safety Check
  • Free Wiper/Washer Check
  • Free Battery Check
  • Free Coolant Level Check
  • Free Oil Level Check
  • Free Air Filter Check

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