Timing Belt, Chain & Waterpump Replacement

Timing Belt Removal & Replacement

Replacing your timing belt or timing chain at manufacturer specific intervals is critical in keeping your engine in prime condition. And, as your water pump is likely to be driven by the same system of pulleys, it makes good sense to replace that at the same time.

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When considering whether or not to replace your timing gear, there are 2 types of engines to think about.

Interference Engines

The design of an interference engine means that a snapped timing belt or broken timing chain will result in the pistons and valves meeting each other with force, resulting in complete internal failure.

With this type of repair, it's actually cheaper to source a second hand engine and have that installed into your car.

Non Interference Engines

The design of a non interference engine means that the pistons and valves can never come into contact, even if your belt or chain breaks. If your belt or chain does fail on a non interference engine, it's just a case of resetting the timing, fitting a new one and you're good to go.

So, do you have an interference or non interference engine? Give us a call and we'll let you know. Either way, it's always good practice to have your timing belt or timing chain replaced as part of your regular service schedule.

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